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Are you looking for African to songs to download? Or you might have heard about a song but you do not know the song’s name. In this article, I will be showing some of the latest African gospel songs available for download. African gospel songs are songs in which Christians use in praising God. The singer raises the song then the choirs sing the chorus of the songs. In most cases, there are no choirs and only the singer sings the solo and chorus as well.

African Gospel Songs Download Site

African Gospel Songs

There are lots of different gospel songs in Africa and there are different sites that you can get these African songs from. African has a lot of artists and some have proved to be the best over recent years. Their songs are sung in churches, offices and even in the public. You might have been hearing these songs, but you do not know the artist who sang the song or the title of the song. We will be learning bout a few songs and their artist below this paragraph.

List of African Gospel Songs

Like I said earlier, Africa has lot of gospel songs and not all of them are trending n the internet right now. i have compiled the list for the sake of those people who are unfamiliar with Africa gospel artists. Below are some Africa Gospel songs.

  • Greater tomorrow by David Ekene.
  • Sengiyaela by Joyous Celebration.
  • Yahweh- we bow down and worship by David G.
  • No one like you by BY Eben and Nathaniel Bassey.
  • Grace by Solomon Lange.
  • Living Waters by Hlengiwe.
  • Mighty Man of War by Jimmy D Psalmist.
  • Only you can do what no man can do by Ada Ehi.
  • Excess love By Mercy Chinwo.
  • Holly Spirit is my friend by Meddy.
  • All that matters by GUC.
  • Consuming Fire BY Jimmy D Psalmist.
  • It shall be permanent by Meddy.
  • Aka Aka Ya Jehovah by Gabriel Eziashi.
  • I know who I am BY Sinach.
  • You are God By Nathaniel Bassey.
  • You reign in majesty by P Shantel and Preye Odede.
  • There is a Race I must Run By Jabu Hlongwane and Zimpraise.
  • Zala Na Nga by Deborah Lukalu.
  • Capable God by Judikay.
  • Toya By Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton.
  • Who has the final say by Bernice Ansah.
  • Baba by Sonnie Badu.
  • Jehovah you are the most high God by Kofi Thompson.
  • Jehovah is your Name By Benjamin Dube.
  • You are Great By Steve Crown.
  • Come and see what the Lord has done by Esther Liana.
  • Original Papa by G-wills.
  • You no dey use me play by Osinachi Nwachukwu.
  • Imela By Nathaniel Bassey.
  • Victory by Eben.
  • Glorious God Beautiful king Excellent God by Elijah Oyelade.
  • Hosanna by Soweto Gospel Choir.
  • In the shadow of the wings by By Joyous Celebration.
  • I Overcame by Ada Ehi.
  • You are the pillar that holds my Life by Ronke Adesokan.
  • Mighty God by Oye Praise.
  • Take all the praise By Eben.

Those are the few African Gospel songs and artists that I have for you on this article of mine. I am sure you might have heard of some of them.

African Gospel Songs Download Site

There are many different sites where you can get AFRICAN Gospel songs from. But these few ones below will be enough to quench your thirst for gospel songs. They are;

  • Sound
  • Amazon Music.
  • Jamendo Music.
  • Mp3 Download Hunter
  • Wnyk Music Mp3 and Hindi Songs.

You have a lot of suggestions here so you can try a few options out before making a final choice. I am very sure that you will love downloading African Gospel songs from those Sites above.

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