HOW TO MAKE ENDLESS WEALTH – The Value of Investment

Making wealth is one of the human tough struggles in life. How to make endless wealth is not as difficult as it may sound but only with dedication and prayers, success is for sure. God is the creator of all things and his process of investment is absolute over that of man. Please join me as we learn together, the secret of perfect investment.



You may want to consider the Americans, Germans, Russians, and Chinese. These countries studied the human system and manufactured machines to work in almost the same way. The human system is configured by God and the life in man is not of this world. That is the reason the listed countries above have not yet been able to make a living robot. The system of cars is closely related to that of man. The car has a brain box, the fuel, engine oil and water in vehicles helps the machine to function properly. This process is close to that of a human system that can not function without oil, water, and the brain. It is the brain that interprets what the person is seeing, how to react to every situation, that is also how a machine brain box works.

Our God is delightful in solving problems and anyone who embraces solving people’s challenges or troubles will always find favor from God. The richest people on earth are the problem solvers. Knowledge is power, the search for knowledge is a great step to making endless wealth. Have you asked yourself why the above-listed countries spend countless millions of dollars just to search for other planets? The truth is that they are sorting for facts and information, more knowledge above man’s imagination. Just like their forefathers did in the time of the old, they explored the seas and other islands in search of treasures. The findings of their father made them richer than Africa and today they are in power. Nobody spends money and effort on meaningless projects.

Matthew 6:21 | The Value of Investment

21. For Where Your Treasure Is, There Will Your Heart Be Also. After God created Adam, He saw that Adam was lonely and decided to create for him a woman. It was a challenge for Adam and God solved that problem. God almighty Is a problem solver, He does not shy away from a difficult situation. No man knows how challenging it was for God during the creation of heaven and earth. We only know what we need to know if it was as easy as we understood. Considering the saying “ let there be light and there was light”. If it was that easy, Do you think God would have taken a vacation or rested on the seventh day? It is only someone who has worked so hard that will take time off.

Let’s be sincere, anyone who has labored for a thing will never joke with it. Therefore, God hates those who waste his own resources and he values all his works. Don’t forget we are still on the topic of how to make endless wealth.

Study God’s design and his investment thoroughly, you will notice that everything is working together for success. Man eats the animals and plants and man passes out what he has eaten as feces which is waste to man. The plants use the feces to grown better and other animals also eat the plants. The out-breath of man is waste to man but useful to the plants while the out-breath of the plant is useless to the plant but useful to man and other animals. This process makes everything useful and nothing is wasted in the long run. All in total is God’s own investment. Now, what can give you endless wealth?


God created man in his own image and likeness. God is categorized as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Man being created in God’s image is categorized as Man the flesh, Spirit, and Soul. The flesh of man was created from dust which is the composition of everything on earth. That is the reason why the flesh always crave for early things because the flesh is of the world. The spirit of man is what God used in giving life to the flesh.

It is the spirit that unites the flesh and the soul-making man one. It is through the spirit the soul is been feed from the flesh. The soul is not of this world; therefore nothing of this world can satisfy the soul through the spirit. The soul and spirit of man is from God and have no component of this world. Getting closer to God awakens the spirit man because that is where the spirit came from. The things that the flesh craves for weaken the soul through the spirit. The flesh is always the opposite of the soul because the ways of the earth are the opposite ways of God.


9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

The body of Man Is like a continuous battle between the flesh and the spirit because the flesh will always want to override the wants of the spirit.

Matthew 26:41-42 | The Flesh is Always Against the Spirit

41. Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

42. He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.

The flesh hates to go with the spirit where the soul wants. The flesh is made from the earth, that is why a man flesh will remain on earth when he dies and the spirit and the soul will transcend.

The cars, clothes, and food are from the earth, the same place where the flesh came from. It is no longer strange why the flesh craves for those things because they are from the same place. The flesh is never satisfied with vanity, it will always ask for more.


Anyone who is able to build his own investment into nature and follow a circular system will never run dry. For example; rearing cattle’s after feeding the cattle’s you will gather all their feces to be processed for manure. The cow dump will be used to feed the crops again why the cattle will eat from dose the same crops.

Invest should be done in a circular system just like the school. Leaners will never finish as long as people are giving birth. Children will always be admitted to the school for learning. This is a continuous circle that will never end, as education most continue in business. I hope the message Is properly passed across? I pray that you have the knowledge of understanding In Jesus Name!!

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