“IS THERE LIFE AFTER DEATH?”First of all, I want to use this opportunity to thank you for reading this article. This write up may not be what you are looking for but it clearly States the possibility of life after death. Many people are confused on what to believe and what not to trust. The question; Is there life after death? Is familiar to the teachings of many religions which include Christianity, Islamic, Buddhism and more. The common teaching associate with these listed religious, is life after death. I will be sharing my own experience of a little test of death when I was 12 and few months old.


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A lot of people have had several experience about death, some have similar experience but others are distinct. Life is more complex and complicated than we think. It is more easier to travel to the sun than to explain the complexity of the human life. How we came to existence can’t be explained more than what the book of Genesis wrote about the creation of the world. The existence of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman created by God.

The human Brian is way more complicated than just cells and tissues. Have you ever wander how you manage to dream and how those images are created from your subconscious mind? You will even think you are in a real world until you are awakened from your dream. Only then you will realize that it was just a dream. In the dream, there is fear, pains, love, and even joy. The mind has a lot more in common with the spirit than the flesh.

Live is a Dream!|Life After Death

How can one differentiate his/her dream from reality? It is very difficult to be able to differentiate your dream (nightmare) from your real life. The dream world is closely related to our everyday life. The moment you wake up from a dream, it means you are dead from that dream and when you are sleeping you are close to being a dead man. The only different between a sleeping person and a dead person is breath because both are unconscious of their environment.

Imagine the life we are living in today is a dream and your death is what will wake you up in the real world. There is no much different in the normal dream you have at night and the life you are living. You can’t tell when you will wake up from that dream. It is either something or someone wakes you up or you wakeup naturally when it is morning time.

Comparing the dream and reality. Someone or something waking you up, means untimely death. It simply connote that your dream was cut short. Also means something or someone took your life. While waking up in the morning means the natural death of a man as a result of old age. Life is indeed a dream!

The Death Of A Man

Death is one thing that almost every man is scared of but the truth is that, death is the end of every mans’ struggle. The truth is, Death is the freedom of man from this earth. The life we are living can either be a nightmare or a sweet dream. The death is what wakes us up from the dream or nightmare. The painful truth is that no man truly knows his next dream after death. It could be with the angels which is good dream or demons which means nightmare. All we need do is to fast and pray that our next dream will be glorious and more beautiful.

Fabricated Dream

These are dreams that are personally organized or created by the dreamer. This kind of dreams occurs as a result of a strong Will power, desire or fear in the human’s mind. Many people find them selves dreams about a very horror movie or activities they encounter during the day. While some see them selves driving their favorite cars and even making love to the ladies they most admire and desire. Some people call these dreams evil dreams but whereas, where the evil is dwelling is in their head. Others will say “I saw my self in a beautiful house” and the house is like the one they have been wishing to have and for that, they would say God is the one showing them their future house.

Mind fabrication of dreams has lead a lot of people astray because of their believe that God is showing them something great in the future to come. Although, God still sends messages through dreams but how can you tell that this dream is of God and not your mind pollution or Satan?

In most cases when God sends messages to people through dreams, the messages are usually strange and not what you desire or wish for. It is mostly away from the part that we a walking on and sometimes you may not understand it because they are usually a puzzle for you to deeply solve. Remember we are still on the topic: Is there life after death?

LIFE AFTER DEATH | Personal Experience

Have you ever imagine being trapped in a dream? The truth is, who so everever is you are trapped in your dream, your dream becomes your reality. Henceforth, that person will no longer be conscious of the real word.

Finally, it got to my turn for the gate to opened for me to go in but to my greatest surprise, the gate refused to open. A man worked up to me from no were, he asked me to leave and he said “cant you see the gate is not opening for you? You have to walk away” but I refused. There is more than I have said here but I will end it here.

My Point is that there is truly a life after death but how it works is unknown to Us. Even in death, the human mind remains conscious of thing which looks like dreams. These dreams are unexplainable to the conscious man.

The conclusion is your faith and how you practice it. Where does your faith dwel? Is it in the Christian faith, Islamic, Buddhism, or others? Only that can tell what will become of you after death because each of these religions teaches holiness and love. They all are related in a way which is the acknowledgement of the creator. When you die, your dream will continue after death and that dream will become your reality. You will not have the consciousness of waking up, just like you are alive and not expecting to wakeup because you are not dreaming.


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