“Making money and making heaven” In this present dispensation, making money is more discoursed than any other thing on earth. Please be realistic in thought as you read through all the words and conclusion of all paragraphs. Making money and making heaven is two opposite chase in life. I consider it as two opposite pools with no like terms, with nothing in common and completely far from each other.




We should not be deceived, making money is far different from wealth. The achievement of wealth can be considered as a total acquisition of fortune, which is a combination of all success achieved or Self-actualization. For example, good health, happy family, successful children and more.

Have you ever imagine life without money, where every man would have to work and not buy and sell? I bet you, if there is a space for money in heaven, greed will also have its ways in men’s hearts. That is because money was initiated out of selfishness and greed of man for power.

Money Is Not Gods Idea

Money is man idea on earth for the weak to rule the strong and the wise to be enslaved by the foolish. Anywhere there is money, you most find greed and betrayals. Money is the one thing that easily brings confusion in the midst of the wise but remembers, God is not an author of confusion. It simply means money is not God’s idea.

Making money is the gathering of any or more countries’ currencies with or without true labor into one’s own bank or safe. No man can ever be at peace with money. The more money you make, the more your peace is reduced and your heart is corrupted. The consciousness of making more money brings about depression or crime. Money can actually build up riches but with a lot of enemies alongside. Almost everything that money gives is based on deception and most are not real. Fake love, friendship, wrong advisers and more.

Money And Man | MAKING MONEY

Man created money but money is completely ahead of man because man succeeded in draining his whole strength and authority into money. Now man is nothing without money because men have no more strength outside what they created.

Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV) The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

The creator of money is completely corrupt making money a corrupted symbol. The easiest way to make money without stress is to think like the creator of money and to act like them. Men are not straight forward in dealings, people who want to make money easily and fast most possess the attributes of man. Anyone who is 100% straight in business or negotiation hardly make money. Those who are tricky, cony and deceitful grow faster in business.

No matter how clean anyone says he made his money, they can not be assured of peace. Even the preachers in churches are not at peace with money in their procession. Else they won’t be walking with security or selective with the kind of places they attend meetings. Too much money brings nothing but fear and restlessness but we all need money in life because man is nothing without the money they created. Money answers all things! Ecclesiastes 10:19 (KJV)


God created man but Man wanted to be like God before the fall of man in the book of Genesis. God refused to give man the opportunity to assume a Godly position, making God Overseer over man’s affairs to date. As we all know, heaven is the throne of God and any man who most makes heaven most bear or have the attributes of God by following God’s commandments.

In the case of Money and Man; money was created by man but without money, man is disregarded. While that of Man and God, the man was created by God but man is nothing without God. The creator who is God almighty still assumes his position but man has lost his position to Money.

The love God has towards man is extremely higher than the love man has for God because God created man. Men love money extremely more than themselves because men created money.


Any man who has the interest of making heaven at heart should forget about making the present riches of this generation (Africa) and concentrate on the heaven ahead. The blessings of God make rich and add no sorrow. That simply means peace and joy. Matthew 19:24(KJV) And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God but indeed with God all things are possible. Shalom!


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