Nigerian Television Authority – How Did the Nigerian Television Authority Start

The Nigerian Television Authority officially known as NTA is a commercial broadcasting platform owned by the Nigerian government. This platform started off in 1977 and is the very first station in Africa. NTA runs and operates on the biggest television network in the whole of Nigeria amongst all other stations that are available. The main function and aim it has is to give out its public service to the interest and gain of Nigeria. It is a television station that runs across the states in Nigeria. It has also provided an international broadcast, that runs across Europe, the USA, and Canada. Being the largest television station in Africa, it serves as the major medium through which Africa gets its stories.

Nigerian Television Authority

Nigerian Television Authority

NTA, as it is known, as formerly called Nigerian Television in the year 1976, and after the military regime take over, it took over the airspace and became the voice of Nigeria, until other stations came up. With this, you should know that NTA is the ultimate source of information in Nigeria. However, the ability of this station is still yet to get to its maximum.

How Did the Nigerian Television Authority Start?

The Nigerian Television Authority all started right in Ibadan, in the year 1959, which had its name as Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation, as the first station and it grew to a certain level. From here, it joined together with other stations in Nigerian such as Radio Television Kaduna and the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. It also joined together with Mid-West television. There was also a merge with the Benue-Plateau Television Station (BPTV).

BPTV later made its transmission and came live. It later went on to rebrand its name to NTV. The ENUGU Nigerian Television also rebranded to NTA Enugu, also had their merge story, that turned all the Television stations to one.

In the year 1977, all these Television stations mentioned were later rebranded to NTV, and the name later changed to NTA to date.

The Nigerian Television Authority Today

Today, the NTA provides quality and amazing programs to its viewers in all locations. It provides foreign matters, domestic matters, financial matters, security matters, economic matters, and most important of all, political matters, as it is the tool through which the government reaches the people. Not just these, it also gives out technological matters, entertainment, custom and tradition, religious issues, and lifestyle.

Some of its programs also include news line, news extra, cultural programs, Nigeria today, NTA sports, network news, and more. It is available on satellites for views and quick access. It also has its website on From this site, you can access NTA online both from Nigerian, Canada, and the United States. NTA makes sure that it provides its programs for all ages. Children can access educative shows. Adults can also access comedy shoes, cultural shows, health shows, news, political issues, and so much more.

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