“THE REASONS WHY GOD IS ANGRY WITH AFRICA” We should be sincere and straight forward with our selves. Africa is blessed, most especially West Africa but they have amounted to nothing with all the blessings they have. Everything is falling apart, the youth have no more hopes in their leaders and corruption is eating deep into their system. The laws of the countries in Africa are written but has no effect on the system and the people.



I have asked my self over the years why is my continent like this and what is the solution to these Problems? I asked this question so many times until my eyes were open to see why God is far from Africa leaders and Government.

If you protect what a King value’s more, the king will equally add value to you because he knows you are with his treasure. Any man or woman who puts value on what God value most will receive equal value from God but those who destroy or pay no value on what God value. They too will equally receive no value in return.

Africa leaders does not value human life and that is one thing God value more on earth. Innocent people die out of oppression in west Africa every day and nothing is been done about it over the years.

Jungle Justice | Mob Justice

In Africa mob justice is very common and it is one of the most hideous kind of justice that should be passed out to any living being. Whether it is a dog, plant or human being, it is not acceptable by God because all men have sinned and no man has the mandate to condemn another to death.

Jungle Justice

Some jungle justice falls on innocent people and in such cases the wrath of God is not far from the perpetrators of the act including the land where it was committed. Jungle Justice, also known as mob justice is very common in Africa.

John 8:4-8 (GNV) | Mob Justice

[4]“Teacher,” they said to Jesus, “this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery.

[5]In our Law Moses commanded that such a woman must be stoned to death. Now, what do you say?”

[6]They said this to trap Jesus, so that they could accuse him. But he bent over and wrote on the ground with his finger.

[7]As they stood there asking him questions, he straightened himself up and said to them, “Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her.”

[8]Then he bent over again and wrote on the ground.

Search For Greener Pastures

The level of unemployment is at the high side in West Africa. Presently, many youth have lost hopes and confidence completely on their lands. They are doing everything possible to escape from the continent like a prisoner who is desperate to leave a jail building.

The numbers of illegal African immigrant’s death calculated in the Mediterranean sea is at the high side. All these are as a result of wicked leaders who derive pleasure in looting of their countries money and natural resources. All these innocent lives are speaking against the Continent.

I have never heard of any continent where people die for one particular reason over a long period of time and nothing is been done about it except in Africa. In other continents when a man tries to commit suicide, he will be stopped by the authorities. United States of America (USA) is an example. These people add value to life and they speak against whatever does not pay value to life. Ask me, why won’t they be blessed by God? They don’t joke with anything that is life-threatening. Their human right is always regarded to an extent even though man is not perfect. This is the reason why all youth in Africa do everything possible to escape into the USA.


Genesis 4:9-10 (KJV) The LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother?

And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper? And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.

The blood of the innocent and righteous speaks against people, land, and countries. If one mans blood could make God punish Cain, how much more the blood of many? As you can see, too much blood is speaking against Africa.

Any land that has tasted the blood of the innocent or righteous has been polluted and that land will get use to innocent blood. Such land need to be cleans by the people or else the land will cry for more innocent blood from time to time. That is the very reason why any land that has tested the blood of too many young people, will always crave for young blood. This is called addiction of the land.

The Story of the Prodigal Son | Continent

The story of the prodigal son LUKE 15:11 is very common to all Christian. A father has two sons, the younger son asked his father “ settle me with my inheritance” His wish was granted. All the son wanted was freedom and independence to live his life anyhow he wanted. His wish was granted but later he failed because he has no knowledge about life.

The reason for this story is to open our mindset to know that we are leaving in a prodigal continent. All Africa has ever gained is freedom and nothing else. Since the time of independence, they have never achieved anything on their own.

The reasons is because the fathers has failed their children in Africa. They have failed to do nothing but waste of time and resources.


Proverbs 13:22(KJV) A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

No single inheritance has been left for the present African youths, zero foundation has been laid. Corrupted wealth is not an inheritance people can live one. It is just a matter of time, it will be swept off for the just.


All African leaders should go back like the prodigal son did but not in the same way. They should send their youth back to those continent in search of Knowledge and Education. Investment into knowledge should be considered greatly.

African youth should learn to forgive their past leaders who have desecrated the land. They should stop trying to follow the trend or else Africa is going nowhere.

A foundation should be laid even if no inheritance has been left for the present youths. The youth should fight for a better inheritance for the next generation. All youth should stop trying to follow the trend of bad leadership, else Africa is going nowhere!

A lot of youth aiming power today have the mentality of “ I don’t care, everyone before me has been looting, therefore, I will continue”. Such mentality should be erased from our hearts. May God have his way in Africa In Jesus Name! Amen. Shalom.


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