The Risk of Adopting a Child – What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Child

Basically, the risk of adopting a child is been considered from the angle of behavior and the up bring of the child. The main purpose of this article is to draw the reader’s awareness toward the rear considerable risk of child adoption.

The Risk of Adopting a Child

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Adopting a child is a good thing but the risk is quite higher than man’s imagination, considering all factors and disadvantages behind child adoption.

The Risk of Adopting a Child

Every child is like a seed and the seed of every man or woman is a product of that man or woman. Just like an orange can not bear a mango fruit. If you want to harvest better oranges, you must get the fruit of a sweet orange tree. There is a higher probability of the seed from a sweet orange tree growing up into another sweet orange tree.

Nothing happens by mistake in life but some people seem to see some opportunity or incident as a mistake or luck. As a spiritualist and a studier of nature, you should be conscious of your environment.

Known this, the result of everything is actually how it was solved as a result of addition, multiplication, and subtraction. Don’t get lost, we are still on the topic; the risk of child adoption.

In a total of 100 children, 99.9% ended up in orphanage homes as a result of parental abandonment, bad parenting, unwanted pregnancy, and other worse reasons. Only in a few cases, children end up in orphanage homes as a result of the death of both parents.

The child of an intelligent, wise man and woman will grow up to be another advanced intelligent girl or boy (man or woman). On the other hand, the seed of a foolish man might grow up to be another advanced foolish man or woman. Just like I said above, the seed from a sweet orange tree is also another sweet orange.

DOG LOVERS | Adoption

It is very common for dog lovers that they don’t mix two different breeds to get a pure breed. If you want a pure Rottweiler you must confirm that the parent dog is both Rottweiler. In a case when there is a crossbreed, you might be fortunate to get some puppies that look closely like a but they might not have the character of the parent Rottweiler.

The above cross-examination is not different from human beings. When a very smart man and woman are paired, the outcome of their seed will be an advanced intelligent child. This is how geniuses are given birth to by their parents. Most people (men and women) make the mistake of putting their seed or carrying the seed of a very terrible and corny man. The seed of such persons might end up as another high level of terrible persons

Reference | What to Consider in Adoption

Look at the story of Abraham and all his descendants in the bible. Even God had to trace the linage of David in other for Jesus to follow that linage. David was a descendant of Abraham while Jesus was a descendant of David the King of Israel. In fact, Jesus was referred to as the son of David and not Joseph the carpenter.

The seed of the linage of Abraham is a very glorious people with a peculiar gift and glory. Study the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was said to be born with grace and not just graced like any other woman. Any seed from such line must be graced.

The truth is that adopting a child is a very risky thing because any man who is cursed, will give birth to a cursed seed if the cause is not uplifted before the death of the parent. Don’t misunderstand my message, it is not completely hundred percent.

Some people are not meant to enjoy but suffer. Even God himself has cursed their linage, that they will not see joy. How can you know a child from such a home? If you are trying to help and make life easy for the seed of such man. You are trying to stand against the will of God. You might just end up carrying or sharing from their spiritual bondage.


No matter how you pray, you can not turn a man into a female and a monkey into a human being. With God all things are possible is what you might end up saying but the truth remains the same.

There are some people, the only way to change their situation. You must do intensive fasting and prayers continuously in other to break them from their stronghold. Adopting their children will pull you down.

The only solution to avoid the risk of adoption; you must make sure, the adopted children are not aware that they were adopted so you can completely break them from their lineage.

This can only be achieved when the adopted child was adopted at an infant age. Hence, they will be too little to remember anything about their life. The child can now answer your name. It will almost look like a seed planted in another plant.

If you can’t go through the above adoption process, please avoid adoption so that you don’t end up in regrets.


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