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Christianity is classified as the one and only true religion by the Christians. Those who practice this religion are known as Christians. Christianity is based on the life of Jesus Christ being the one and only Son of God Almighty. The name Christ does not mean that it is a name given by God to His Son Jesus. The meaning of Christ is God’s chosen and the anointed Son of God the Father.

What is Christianity?

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What is Christianity?

Christianity is all about Jesus and his ways on earth on how he delivered and set the captives free from the spiritual bondage of evil. Christianity focuses on the works of Jesus on earth, the miracles, signs, and wonders He performed while he was on earth. One common belief of the Christians is that Jesus The Son of the living God came to die for the world. His death was a sacrifice to the world because of the love of God for man. His death is also to fulfill the prophecy of an old-time prophet named John. Commonly known as John The Baptist, the one who wrote the book of John.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

More focus on Christianity says that there is life after death through Jesus. (John 14:6 ) Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but through Him. The promises of the Kingdom of God the Father is through HIS Son Jesus. Therefore you most accept The Son of God as your Lord and personal savior. After the confession of your sins and baptism, the Holy Spirit will live in your body making you dead to the world and alive in Christ. Also, you must live a like-minded life of Jesus Christ.

The word Christian was formed from Christ. Meaning the citizens of heaven and the followers of Jesus. Examples, the Citizens of Nigeria or Ghana are called Nigerians and Ghanaians while followers of Christ are called Christians.


This religion is known as one of the biggest religions on earth. The practitioners of Christianity always strive for Perfection and Holiness after Jesus. You will never see a true Christian indulge an evil act because it is against their belief. Therefore, forgiveness and mercy is the way of Jesus.

God is classified into three Making all in one like God. It is commonly regarded by men as the Trinity. Although the word Trinity is not biblical a term used by philosophers. It means God is three in one; God The Father, God The Son And God The Holy Spirit.


The creation of the world is believed to be the Handy work of God. In the early time, God created Adam And Eve in the book of Genesis of the bible. This book was said to have been written by an old messenger of God call Moses who delivered the Israelite. The Israelites were in bondage under the old rule of pharaoh ( the king of old Egypt) but God delivered them through Moses. It was in the early time that Adam and Eve sinned against God and man became in bondage.

God created man in HIS own IMAGE and LIKENESS, that does not mean that God has blood that flows through his veins or have a skeleton as the Framework of HIS body. The likeness means God’s nature (Style) and rational ways of doing things. Man was cut off because of the sin man committed. Sin is not part of God’s nature, it is a seed of the Devil.

In general conclusion, “WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY?” The answer is that Christianity is a copy of Christ-like life. Living in line with the ways and examples of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the book of MATTHEW.

Thanks for your time here may God bless you! Shalom!

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