What Is The Church All About? – Importance of Going to Church

Have you ever imagine not going to Church? Or just sitting at home, doing nothing. Well, the right way we need to go to church to worship our creator God, who has made everything possible for us. Before going to church we need to know more about the church and what they do inside the church. In this article we will be talking more about, What Is The Church All About? So we will want you to read through this article well so that you will be able to understand What Is the Church All About.

What Is The Church All About

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What Is The Church All About?

The Church is all about the place of worship, it the place where we go and give thanks to God for sending his Son Jesus Christ to come and die for our sins. The word Church is a biblical word for assembly, which means it is a place where people gather to worship god. All Christians living in the world today attend Church to worship Him for His kindness.

Attending Church is a good thing for those who attend and participate in the activities of the Church. The church has made us understand that Jesus Christ is the Church because the mission of the church is the mission of Christ. In the church, we learn so many things about Jesus Christ how he came to die for our sins. In the church, we were taught that Jesus Christ sets up the only one true Church when he died on the cross of Calvary.

What is Church?

A church is a Christian religious congregation that meets in a place. In the Bible, the teaching of Jesus himself says the church is for those who have believed in him and have received his teachings. It is a building that is built for Christians to worship God and give praise for the good things he has been doing in our lives.

Importance of Going to Church

There is so much importance of going to church but we will be talking on just a few of the importance of Church. The following is a list of the importance of going to church. See the list below:

  • Going to church makes us hear the word of God.
  • It makes us participate in the worship of God.
  • It helps to encourage your Pastor.
  • To find Godly mentors.
  • It makes our children know more about God.
  • To be a light of our community.
  • It makes us believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior who came to die for our sins.
  • It makes us be baptized in Christ Jesus.
  • To obey the Ten Commandments and keep it Holy.
  • It makes us participate in the gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • It makes us be of good conduct.
  • It makes us play a good role in our society.

Reasons Why People Do not goes to Church

There so many reasons why people do not go to church. People have various reasons why they don’t go to church. I have been able to study hard why people do not go to church and hear are my reasons why most people do not go to church. See the reasons below:

  • God is missing in the Church.
  • They are not teaching about God.
  • They do not go out to the community to spread the gospel.
  • They do not preach about the good news.
  • Most church leaders are a hypocrite and they do not have good morals.
  • They do not pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • They do not baptize people with water.
  • They deceive their members into giving them money for prayers.
  • Deceiving their members to believe their doctrine.

I believe with this article you will be able to understand What Is The Church All About?

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