Why Would a Decent Person like me Need Forgiveness?

In the world today there are so many decent people who need forgiveness. There are different cases where you must have gone wrong or done something bad without knowing what you did or have done. Not obeying the Ten Commandment is really not God for a Christian because God has told us to obey the Ten Commandment so that we can be saved. We will like you to read this article to the end because we will be discussing, Why Would a Decent Person like me Need Forgiveness? I must say this is a very big question but to get the answer just go through the article to get the answer you need.

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Why Would a Decent Person like me Need Forgiveness?

John 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he sent his only son Jesus Christ to come and die for our sins that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. If God did not forgive us he will not send his son Jesus to come and die for our sins. A decent person like me would need forgiveness because we do not know when we have wrong God. That is why we always pray that God should forgive us for our sins the one we know and both the ones we do not know of.

So decent people need forgiveness because we must have spoken to somebody in a wrong way the person does not like. Maybe we might be thinking we are playing but not knowing they are angry if you noticed that kind of thing it is better for you to say you are sorry because that word heals allot of wounds. Being decent does not mean we do not offend people or do wrong things, it can be the way we look at people that make them angry or the way you talk, it is good if you apologize to the person so that it will not lead to conflict.

What Is Forgiveness?

This is the process or action of forgiving or being forgiven for something you have done. In the bible, there are so many meanings to forgiveness. It is a deliberate decision to release feelings of vengeance towards a person or group of people who have harmed you, regardless of what they did to you. When we do not forgive it hurts us more than the offender. You can forgive someone who hurts you without speaking to the person again. Forgiveness is letting go of the past grudges or anger against a person or persons when they hurt you. So many people fake forgiveness which is not good, it is better for you to forgive than to fake forgiveness which is a sin to God. Forgiveness is better than revenge because forgiveness is the best way to make the person that got you mad was wrong with what they did to you.

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Types of Forgiveness

There are different types of forgiveness, but we will be discussing about four (4) type’s forgiveness. Below is the type of forgiveness:

  • Unconditional Forgiveness – This is the belief that God tells us to forgive people if they wrong us and do not want to change their behavior.
  • Conditional Forgiveness – This is the type of forgiveness you ask the offender to do some certain steps and meet specific conditions before you can forgive them.
  • Dismissive Forgiveness – This involves terminating or reducing the closeness of the relationship you have with the offender after you forgive them.
  • Grace – In the bible God’s forgiveness is associated with the word grace, which means the undeserved favor that we get from God.

These are the four types of forgiveness we have mentioned above.


God gave us his Son to atone for our sins; he forgave us that why he did that. Then who are we not to forgive those who offend us. Let us learn to forgive because it is a good thing. I believe with this article you will be able to understand Why Would a Decent Person like me Need Forgiveness?

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